Thursday, February 11, 2010

Getting Married.

Today was Martha's wedding special. It was a big scary. Because... well... weddings! Favors! Boutonnieres! That is some serious stuff, man. I'm actually considering making some wedding stuff myself. Because I can.

A wedding seems like a pretty big to-do when you consider that, aside from the official documentation, it won't change anything between Jared and I. So I made a list of things that will change once we're married:

1. He would get my stuff if I died. I think.
2. I will have his last name.
3. My kitchen will be better stocked. Imagine the possibilities of our wedding registry. A slow cooker! A bread maker! Knives!
4. We could use the same Costco membership. That is, if we had one.
5. People who send us mail could just put a Mr. & Mrs. LastName on the envelope. Instead of our two separate names.
6. I could call him my husband. So that when I get mad at some comical mistake he commits, I can yell "HUS-BAAAND!" like on a crappy sitcom.
7. Were I to become a teacher, I would be a "Mrs." somebody.
8. Jared would be next-of-kin, so in case I am ever in a major car wreck he could tell the doc that he may as well just do the breast implants at the same time. (Before you say anything, I am KIDDING!)
9. We would get joint housing when we are elderly and decrepit.
10. We get tax credits.

Know which one I am most excited about? The new kitchen. Call me hedonistic, but I love me some kitchen appliances.

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