Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Storm of baking shall ensue.

I got it in my head this morning that I was going to make cupcakes. And I would have, too, except that we are out of muffin liners and in this weather it seems like the grocery store is approx 90 miles away. So I'll have to do it later.

There isn't much better than cupcakes in my book. I'm excited for when Oliver will have birthday parties and I can make cute cupcakes for his little friends. Not only that, I'd get to hang up streamers. And balloons. AND PINATAS! I love a good pinata. Man. I need to find excuses to throw more parties.

I'm excited today because my replacement part for my food processor came so we can have smoothies this afternoon with lunch. Yay, smoothies! Like ice cream but healthy! Except not like ice cream because if I want dessert, let's face it... Smoothie does not = ice cream.

Oliver decided that the apartment is incredibly boring on Tuesdays, so he was kind of grumpy. Today consisted of me thinking up crazy things to entertain him for 2 minute stretches of time. Things I tried include but are not limited to:

1. Looking through Everyday Food magazine together.
2. Giving him a wooden spoon to hit himself with.
3. Singing the Bumblebee Tuna jingle.
4. Drawing eyeballs on my hand to create a puppet.
5. Giving him a cup with a centimeter of water in it.
6. Driving a train up and down his legs.
7. Sniffing his feet and proclaiming, "Stinky!"

Number 5 really was the biggest winner. What can you do with a cup of water, you ask?

Stick your fingers in it. Bite it. Yell at it. Shake some of the water out of it. Dump it down your face while you try to drink it. Grab your wet clothes and attempt to suck the water out of them. Cry when you realize that your wet shirt is colder than it is cool. Make your mom change you into a new outfit. Grab onto your wet clothes so your mom can't get them off. Pee on your mom while you are distracting her. Laugh.

And now, for the first time since 9:00 AM, he is sleeping. And I am just now getting to my breakfast.

For as little as I eat, you'd think I'd have wasted away by now.

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