Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lent, and why I hate it.

Lent is here. Roll out the fish fry signs all around the Midwest. Cue the McFishNasty sandwich commercials. I hate Lent.

Before any of you lay into me... I get the point of Lent. Really, I do.

Except that I'm not Catholic, and I don't care. So I will be eating steak. Please don't give me any flack about it because you're not going to change my mind. It is fine and dandy that y'all do that thing you do, just don't expect me to join you. And at the very least, you can look at it this way:

Somebody's gotta keep the beef industry afloat. That person will be me.

So yes, Holier Than Thou Perkins Patron, I am going to enjoy my burger. I am sorry if I offended you. And I'm certain that you will be getting plus 10,000,000 heaven super bonus brownie fun time points for mouthing a prayer at me. Thats exactly how things work, I'm sure.

SO! Now that I've admonished that woman from Lent 2008, I can continue with my updates. I feel much better.

Non swaddling is really not flying in our household. There has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth. (How is that for Lenten suffering, Perkins Woman!?!?!!)

He just won't sleep very well at night without being wrapped up. He falls asleep and stays asleep for a few hours but he is constantly waking himself up at night with his unstoppable flailing of limbs. Sometimes he does go back to sleep on his own, but it still disrupts my sleep and makes me grumpy. I wish I could turn off the part of my brain saying, "What!?! A single mew coming over the baby monitor?! WAKE UP FROM YOUR DEEP SLUMBER RIGHT NOW!"

I do get a decent amount of sleep, but it is interrupted and fretful. It doesn't help that Oliver is grumpy the next day, either. I've been swaddling him for naps. That way, I can leave him on the bed next to me and watch to make sure he's not on his tummy. I wish we had one of the gurney board things they strapped him to when he had his EEG. He couldn't roll over AND he could be swaddled. Luxurious.

Yesterday I managed to make it to the SPHC meeting, but it wasn't easy. Oliver was sleeping and I had to wake him up to get ready to go. Obstacle one. I changed Oliver, fed him, and changed him before I got ready to go myself. As soon as I had everything together and was getting him strapped in to his carseat, cue explosive poop. Obstacle two. After I re-changed Oliver, I got him back into the carseat, out into the car. But then I had to clear the snow off of my car. Obstacle three. Then I made it there but there was no parking in sight. Obstacle four. I finally found a spot and dropped my change holder under my car. I had to fish it out of the nasty slush. Obstacle five.

The good news, is:
1. I did not quit even though it was hard to get him out the door. It was tempting to go back to sleep.
2. The meeting was worth it. People were totally nice there.
3. There was Snickers salad.

All in all, I'll take that as a win. Now if I could only shake this low iron tiredness/weakness, I'd be all set for today. I think I'm going to attempt more cupcakes later this afternoon. So far, my decorating skills suck but at least they still taste good.

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  1. I like your honesty and humour!

    My Lent concession = giving up giving-up-stuff. I figure I can keep that.