Monday, February 1, 2010

Hello Sunshine.

Every morning Oliver wakes up starving. He yells over the monitor that he is hungry. Jared gets up and brings him to me. Oliver eats his breakfast at the Breastaurant. I watch the morning news and weather. Jared is asleep and Oliver and I are practically asleep. No one says anything, we just go about our business in silence.

Oliver finishes breakfast and I swaddle him up to go back to sleep. Sometime during Oliver's morning sleep, Jared gets up and gets ready in the dark. I might tell him where his shirt is, remind him to take his lunch, but usually we say goodbye to each other and nothing else.

Then I roll over and try to go back to sleep. Sometimes I can do it, but more often than not I lie in bed dozing and thinking about what I want to do that day. I stretch out and enjoy the whole bed, and I hoard all five of the pillows. It is nice.

But no matter how long I've had to laze around in bed, it never seems like enough when I hear Oliver's first squawks. When he wakes up for the second time in the morning, he doesn't yell to be fed. He makes polite noises. He talks to his mobile, to the walls... whatever it is he is so interested in.

I can lie in bed for the first 10 or so minutes of his morning talk time, until finally his squawking sounds urgent and desperate enough to make me put my feet down on the cold floor and walk in to get him.

And as soon as I open the door he sees me and his whole face lights up. He smiles and hyperventilates and wriggles around as best he can in his wrap because he. is. so. happy.

Mommy! Its been so long since I've seen you last! How great of you to stop by and free me from this baby prison! I thought you'd never come back, but here you are! I just can't contain myself!

I unwrap his arms and immediately they fly up above his head and he gives me a nice long streeettttch while he smiles up at me. I scoop him out of the crib and plop him down on the changing table, where he tells me all about his night, grabbing his feet and chewing his fingers.

He is always happy. It is always a new day for him. Outside can be cloudy and gloomy or sunshiny and bright; he is always smiling. Always so glad to see me. It makes me feel like the best person in the world.

Good Morning, Doobie.

What a good reason to wake up.

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